Mega Pixel Music Lab is the place for the music and sound design creations of me, Marty Opsahl.  

I make music for (and inspired) by video games. The music can also be used as background tracks for videos, or anything else you can imagine. I make music in chiptune, background and pop/rock/jazz/electronic styles.

I create original sounds for my music, and some tracks work more as sound design and texture. 



All the music I create for Mega Pixel Music Lab is free to use or modify, I just ask for it to be attributed to Mega Pixel Music Lab. 



Email: marty@megapixelmusiclab.com

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCZBTcrBs8G8uBFJfUzGln0w

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/megapixelmusic

OpenGameArt: opengameart.org/users/mega-pixel-music-lab

Bandcamp: megapixelmusiclab.bandcamp.com